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Our story
our story

Welcome to Manitoba's very first dog wedding and event service!

We know the importance of having our furry family members attend the wedding, but it can be stressful trying to designate a friend or family member to dog duty... or to work through the logistics of it all.

Well, have no fear, the dog wedding dates are here!  Let us be your dog's wedding date and we will take care of it all! From transporting them to and from the venue, monitoring them throughout the event to make sure they aren't feeling stressed, assisting your photographer to get that perfect pup picture moment, and so much more!

Our primary goal is to allow you to have your dog be part of the big-day, but do it in a totally dope and stress-free way for the humans, and those of the canine variety!

NOW BOOKING WINNIPEG + CALGARY (and surrounding areas)

(photo by Kelsie O Photography)


(photo by xandra photography)

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